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The Walking Dead Michonne v1.04 Full APK

The Walking Dead Michonne v1.04 Full APK

The Walking Dead Michonne episode 1 this is the story but Michonne experience during the comic books issued 126 through 139 exploring and three chapters and today’s review for the first developed as always by Telltale Games let’s see how it did. graphics are at first as this is the typical telltale engine there’s no real changes the thick hard lines we’ve seen in seasons one and two of The Walking Dead as well as Borderlands sort of remain here sadly there was a good deal of stuttering in one particular section of the game in this was later on in it. with this engine as we know this is a pretty old engine and something going on under the hood seems to have been impacting performance in that one section now that being said Michonne seems to move it a snap your pace than most of the Walking Dead cast in the previous episodes and the locations I would say are interesting just for the very fact that we’ve never seen them before and without spoiler territory I can say that once again the game is about the horrors that man can visit on Main graphically not necessarily the undead and the characters continue to look good with thick lines on their cell shading and acceptable delineation as a package I’d say it’s ok graphics but actually say to hold off there isn’t a ton going on in this first one there’s some cool story set up and so forth but really there’s nothing that’s pulling you in and really needs to be played right at this moment.

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up






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  1. Cool reviews! I've played the other Telltale Walking Dead games after reading about it's good reviews at and i can say i loved the way that Telltale immersed gamers into the world of Walkers that's never before done in any other games. I have also played Game Of Thrones Telltales and i loved it even more.


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