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How To Make Android Look Like iOS

Make Android Look Like iOS

Make Android look like iPhone – Learn how to make your android look like an iPhone. See the list of top 10 best apps to make android look like iPhone. Best launchers for android free download

We all know that there are two mobile operating systems which are ruling the world, iOS, and Android. Out of these two operating systems, Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems because the android smartphones come with various good features and at a very less price.

On the other hand the iOS devices are costly but come with a cool interface which is loved almost by everyone. If you were not able to buy the latest iPhone because it was very costly then you can get the interface of iPhone on your android device.

make android look like iphone

There are several special android applications available on the web which you can use to make your android phone look like an iPhone. These free android apps will perfectly change the interface of your Android device and make it look a lot like iPhone. Have a look at android apps mentioned below and find out how to make your android look like an iPhone.


OS8 Lock Screen
Control Panel - Smart Toggle
Apple Keyboard
GEAK Camera
i Call screen Free + Dialer


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