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EasyLapse PRO v2.2.5.P APK

EasyLapse PRO v2.2.5.P APK

EasyLapse is an application that enables anyone to produce videos with effect time-lapse or stop-motion, playing on the interval between each shot.
We hope you enjoy creating all kinds of time-lapse videos in all kinds of places!

1: You can share the videos you create on Instagram or Facebook in just two steps
The sharing process is simple. Check the preview, and if you have produced an interesting video, save it now. Then just choose a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram.

2: You can add background music (BGM) of your choice to a video
You can add BGM of your choice on each video of your creation. In addition to the included music, you can put a song stored on your device as music.
You can repeat this process as many times as you like.

3: Videos "selfie" are also supported
Front camera devices are also supported. You can not only capture time-lapse video of landscapes, but also your grimaces or other facial expressions.

4: Supports 1080p, 720p 480P
The default format is 720P. The front camera uses a fixed size.
* The 1080P mode is not available on all models.

5: You can capture video in stop-motion
The mode Manual Shooting lets you create a similar video to a flipbook filming frame by frame.

6: Support for video playback in reverse
Who knows, a seemingly ordinary video could become interesting if you read it backwards?

Feature List
Set the registration dossier
Set the resolution
Auto Pause recording
Quiet Shutter
Remote control shutter

Add / change music
Reverse playback
Import an external video
Share to animated GIF (BETA)

White balance
Filter image
Adjust exposure

Facebook Message
Divers, Google+, Youtube, etc.

By posting a long scene in a short time, you can identify each movement and each change of view (landscape, scenery, portrait ...) normally undetectable to the naked eye. This is what makes the videos time-lapse so interesting.

1. Landscape of sunrise or sunset
2. Panorama that gradually changes from day to night
3. Long scenes like painting a picture, mounting a plastic object, assembling a puzzle, or even a video game session
4. Your own daily life
5. beginning of the cleaning operation at the end

Tips to film
1. When shooting, use a tripod or other equipment to keep your smartphone as still as possible.
2. Integrate some fixed objects in your videos makes them more interesting.





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