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Lara Croft: Guardian of Light v 2.0.0 APK

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light v 2.0.0 APK

Join Lara in the thick jungle Central American and search of the Mirror of Mists, a powerful relic of a former time. Anyone can abolish with the light of the world and holds in his hands the very future of humanity. His fate is now in play: the mirror being in the possession of Xolotl, the God of Darkness, Lara and Totec, the Guardian of the Mirror, have only until sunrise to defeat him, or will the world plunged into a dark era!
"Great shooter that will please all fans of the series"
"Excellent sensations cooperative"
"Enchanting" GamesMaster

• Dynamic Gameplay
• Multiplayer coop
• Epic Boss
• Action and puzzle solving
• Super unlockable weapons

What’s New: v 2.0.0
High resolution textures and UI
Co-op Multiplayer





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