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SPenCommand v1.2.30 Apk

SPenCommand v1.2.30 Apk


SPenCommand is an App which allows you to use some S-Pen functionalities to enhance your productivity and to shorten some daily activities while using your smartphone. It works on all unofficial ROMs, for example AOSP and MIUI.

*** ROOT permissions are required ***
*** Needs SELinux Disabled or Permissive on some Kernel ***
*** This App could lowers SELinux Permissions if you needed it ***

Special features:
– Show a cursor while hovering stylus on the screen
– Use an image as cursor icon
– Choose up to 6 shortcuts for the QuickMenu
– Semi-transparent and/or dimmed QuickMenu
– Open QuickMenu on stylus removal
– Choose up to 5 shortcuts in a Notification Shortcut Bar
– Play a sound when stylus is removed
– Possibility to disable touchscreen while stylus is out
– Double stylus button pressing performs a “BACK” action
– Take a cropped screenshot drawing a shape on screen
– Take a full screenshot holding stylus on screen for a while
– Screenshots Internal Editor with full drawing experience
– Keyboard switching when stylus is removed and/or inserted
– Turn ON screen when stylus is removed from its dock
– Choose Apps that keeps screen ON while stylus is out
– Floating PostIT/Notes avaiable with full drawing experience
– Android Lollipop 5.x supported!!!
– NO BATTERY DRAIN or presence of lag while listening to stylus events
– It’s lightweight and tiny (less than 2MB)

What’s New
Version 1.2.30:
– (.29c) Fixed SELinux Changer feature for most kernels
– (.29b) Fixed cursor loading when file is on ExternalSD
– Added advice when installed on ExternalSD (it’s not supported)
– Added App Activities Shortcuts in QuickMenu
– Few minor bugs fixed
– (NO auto-update yet in this version)





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