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Lost Within v1.00 APK

 Lost Within v1.00 APK

Scavenge through ruins and create makeshift weapons to strike back at your enemies. Or--conserve your resources and employ stealth to sneak past the lurking horrors. When all else fails, run like mad and search for a place to hide! The building itself seems to be trying to tell you something. Strange visions of the past reveal buried secrets— terrors that are now coming alive all around you. To get out, you must solve a series of dark mysteries and discover the shattering secret that led to the asylum's condemnation. But the legendary serial killer who is rumored to inhabit the asylum is no myth … and he knows you are here. His howls of rage seem to shake the very walls. You must escape, but be careful. Though there are many doors, there is only one way out.

Product Features
- Explore the deadly asylum in a visually stunning game that pushes the graphics of your mobile device
- Experience a rich, dramatic thriller of a story unprecedented in mobile gaming
- Play Your Way: Fight, flight, or sneak by the monstrous asylum Inhabitants
- Craft powerful weapons and unleash them in creative combinations upon your enemies
- Lost Within can be played on Fire Phone and 2013 and newer Fire tablets.





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