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Virtua Tennis™ Challenge v4.5.4 APK

Virtua Tennis™ Challenge v4.5.4 APK

Virtua Tennis ™, the number one tennis game in the world, is available for the first time smartphone with Virtua Tennis Challenge. Run topspin services, slices and lobs against the best players in the world and face 50 opponents in 18 stages internationaux.Adaptez your style of play on the player that you play, play with precision and make your opponent sweat. Have fun for hours thanks to the different costs, short and game modes.

Play your way
Chain the topspin services, slices, lobs and amortized using the touch screen in different ways.
Feel the pressure mounting
Adjust your shots on the various short and environments. You can play on clay, grass, on a hard surface or indoors.
Double the fun
Participate in challenges in singles or doubles.
Multiple game modes:
-SPT World Tour: Select a character that you can customize to participate in all major world competitions. Earn money, progress from game to game and get access to new tournaments. Discover every day new challenges!
-Matchs Exhibition: Get into the action and choose short and characters unlocked in single or double.
-Multijoueur: Challenge a friend nearby via Bluetooth

Update 8/31/12:
-New Input methods: Support for Swipe, Virtual Pad, Arcade and Game Pad
-now Available on more Android smartphones and tablets!
-Two New modes added:
Quick Match Mode: Itching for a one minute dose of Virtua Tennis? Play fast singles challenges pour augmenter your ranking
Training mode: Learn from the pros in this Practice mode by running through drills





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