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Lollipop Call v1.4.2 APK

Lollipop Call v1.4.2 APK

Option to disable lollipop call on your home screen
9 languages added. Now use the app in your language.
Translated by Google Translate. If you found any mistake, please report. And help us to correct.
More languages are coming soon.
Try free app:-

Now it can happen through this app.
Features :-
- Banner on any screen. Less distracting for games and other apps
- Relocate the banner to any position according to your convenience
- Change the theme with your mood
- Disable lollipop call on home screen
- Multi Language support
Special Thanks
Mami Andriamanantena - French Translation
Ali Apaydın - Turkish Translation
If you want to help us translating the app, you can contact us.


Version 1.4.2
- Bug Fixed for unsaved phone number
Version 1.4.1
- More Bug Fixes
Version 1.4.0
- Contact Photo not displaying in some devices - Bug Fixed
- Disable on Home not working on some devices - Bug Fixed
Version 1.3.9
- Arabic Language Translation
Version 1.3.8
- More languages added (Japanese, Norwegian, Turkish)
Version 1.3.7
- Bug fixes





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