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Clash of Clans APK MOD ( PRIVATE SERVER,Unlimited Everything )

Clash of Gem (CoG) is a modded emulated or private server of Clash Of Clans (CoC). 
They have a lot of difference but at the same time they are so similar. 
Basically they share the same game engine;
By the way the difference are very deep : A lot more of gems (Actually you start in Clash of Gem with 777k Gems vs 500 of CoC) 
We have our Custom buildings and graphic (like town hall lv 11 , new troups , etc) For the moment we are in an Alpha stage when all will look stable we will start the beta. See you on Clash of Gem 
Clash of Gem - Team.

Welcome to a new experience 
Clash of gem (CoG) is a modified server of Clash of clans (CoC). This is not a hack, but a new adventure! We figured out the disatvantages of CoC and made its flaws our strength! Clash of Gem gives you the possibility to be the best without too much time to wait.

No More Pay To Win
Clash of gem realized your dream. You don't need to spend a fortune to become powerful. With the proper compromises you can rule the leader board without wasting your time.

We Are A Family 
Before being players, we like to think that we are a family. No matter where you are from or what you do, clash of gem is open to all. Great respect between us and many laughs will wait for you there. Get new friends, find and join a new clan, found your own great alliance and dominate the game with your friends.

Spread The Word
Every day, thousands of players interact with Clash of gem. Share the project, invite relatives, friends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, kids, cats and dogs!

A Dream Came True 
From an idea to the reality. Put in place what you have ever dreamed of: a big town, a powerful army and a scary defense. Now it’s your time! Show what you are able to do.


1: Download and install hosts editor
2: Add the IP:
3: Add the hostname:
4: You are good to go!


HOSTS editor


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