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Modern Combat 5: Blackout v1.0.3b APK MOD

Modern Combat 5: Blackout v1.0.3b APK MOD

The story begins in the city of Venice and focuses on Phoenix, the main character of the game. He was sent on a special operation to intercept the transport of weapons of mass destruction to a known terrorist organization. The story then moves to Tokyo, where Phoenix needs to fight a completely anarchic environment and still needs to convince its allies to accept an uncomfortable secret. At the end of the game, the player will have visited the beautiful surroundings of Venice and Tokyo in a thrilling, action-packed adventure.
characters :
Assault - well balanced, this class allows you to carry enough ammo and causes good damage. The main weapons are guns and pistols. It is effective in fighting medium range.

Heavy - greater resistance to damage from all the options. Can be equipped with shotguns and grenade launchers.

Recon - the opposite of the previous one. The Recon is more agile, but has limited protection. You can use small guns and pistols and specializes in short distance combat.

Sniper - have good aim? The Sniper is for you. To be acting better over longer distances, it is essential that you find the key points on the map to hide.

MOD : [Normal + Ammo Mod ]


1 - Extract and copy the data "" Android / data.
2 - Install the APK, open online and good fun!



APK normal




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