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Mountain Sniper Killer 3D FPS v1.1 APK MOD

Mountain Sniper Killer 3D FPS v1.1 APK MOD

Frozen Frontier, Thrilling War Zone and Sniper Shooting Game at its BEST!
On a frozen mountainous terrain, with formidable lower temperatures, you are about to enter a massive frontier where only strategy and target sniper shooting will save you. With stealth missions, precision sniper shooting, strategy moves and enemy attacks, this is going to be a wild ride for all the soldiers out there.
You will act as a special forces operative, deployed at a high altitude disputed territory. You are assigned with different missions at each stage to destroy enemies supply lines and to prevent enemy occupy strategic positions in the area. So craft your strategy according to each mission. Snipe at the right targets, survive the enemy attack with maximum health, manage between your gunshots and ammunition, and destroy all enemies to win the war. It will take a lot of guts and courage to complete the missions and to survive in this frozen war as a mountain sniper. Shoot carefully as your survival is at stake and you need to win this battle.

Mountain Sniper Frozen Frontier features:
• Beautiful 3D graphics of Frozen Frontier on a Mountainous terrain
• 20 Super challenging levels with a different mission for each level including attacking enemy supply convoys, attack enemy posts, ambush & kill, prevent enemy occupy strategic positions, attack and destroy enemy radar and artillery
• Various weapons and special forces artillery including assorted sniper rifles, assault rifles and grenades
• Earn experience points with your precision shooting, get energy refills and collect gold
• Get extra features such as Shields for immunity, Medical kits to increase health levels and Time Freezers

What's New
Performance Upgraded.

Mod :  Unlimited Money & Gold





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