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Hunter underwater spearfishing v1.5 APK MOD

Hunter underwater spearfishing v1.5 APK MOD

Spearfishing Super realistic 3D specifically for smartphones and tablets! Infinite underwater world in HD: lakes, seas and oceans are now at your fingertips! More than 30 species of fish and animals, algae, coral, ships, treasure, and more. A fascinating story, deadly fish, diving - all this awaits you in the amazing game "Spearfishing"!
On your way, you're bound to encounter a pike, carp, carp, Arapaima, shark, sea turtle, electric ray, lion fish, clown fish, cobia, trout, brikonov, barracuda, ducks and other inhabitants of the element of water.
Water depth - a hostile environment. Oxygen can end at any moment. A touch of poison can kill fish, not to mention the sharks! But your harpoon marksmanship and you do not miss, so winning hunting, upgrade equipment and traveling around the world on his yacht!

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