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How to Delete what has been deleted from Android phone

How to Delete what has been deleted from Android phone

If you want to someday sell your Android phone, you should care because it can restore or recover all your photos and videos, and applications and many other files.

The idea is Fill memory . Empty files and therefore are replaced by the new empty old files and applications that need regular Root like DiskDigger not able to return the old files .

What do you need :

- Does not require Root .

- Valid way and with 70-80% repeat the process number is higher and greater security .

- Still the possibility of returning data professionally present but this is very difficult and needs a competent person .

- When you first enter you will be asked to approve the conditions and that this at your own risk .

- This step takes a lot of time and the risk that stops working for any reason .

- Do not go out to another application or operating any other business in the phone just wait .

- Full battery is very necessary .

- Device must be in a position to run the phone screen Awake this period .

- Airplane Mode .

What to do :

1- Format the device and delete all the files manually .

2- Install apk and open , click Accept then click FILL FREE SPACE .

Thanx to XQ55
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