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Attentive Legacy v3.14.07.070 APK

Attentive Legacy v3.14.07.070 APK

Attentive Legacy
Thanks to the innovative power-saving modes your battery charge is used to a
WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+ or SMS, Knock²+ supports all apps.

Apps must be simple, but also individually adjustable. Knock²+ has exactly these two qualities. Due to the clearly arranged menu it is easy to adapt Knock²+ to your needs. No mindless falderal. And if you still miss a feature, we are here for you. Just send us a message!

Apps of third persons supported:
  • WhatsApp
  • ICQ
  • Facebook
  • Chaton
  • Google+
  • IM+
  • UpdateMe
  • XDA Developers
  • Knock²+ does not work with lockscreens like GoLocker!
  • Knock²+ is new and still in progress. We work hard to perfect it asap!
  • Knock²+ works with apps like NotifyMe!
  • If your phone is talking to you, uninstall in Settings/Apps/All Google Text-To-Speech,
  • Samsung TTS.
  • SG NOTE 2 user can activate Airview again after activating Knock²+.
  • You need to set a lockscreen-security to make this app working. (Code, Pattern, FingerWish,..)
What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 31, 2014)
  • Update from Knock²+ to Attentive? Reinstall first, please!
  • 5 Bugfixes
  • 7 Improvements
  • 0 New functions
Required Android O/S : 4.0.3+



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