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Knight Adventure v1.2.2 Apk MOD

Knight Adventure v1.2.2 Apk MOD

Knight Adventure, you are a brave knight and will have to save a beautiful princess! She was imprisoned in the castle by the evil sorcerer.
ou will have to face many obstacles and traps to save her. However, there is another and more dangerous threat. The evil wizard will cast a spell to destroy the Earth! You will need to be ASAP!
* Collect 10 hearts for an extra life.
* Collect and use elixirs to run faster.
* Collect daisies to get more medals.

Choose your hero: Pikelot, or Agnarr Lars!


May 1, 2014
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
MOD : Unlimited Medals / Unlocked

How to install: 

1. Download the game and copy it to the U.S. unit.
2. Install and open it.
3. Incie and have fun.





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