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Windows XP Walking Dead On ANDROID

Yesterday, on April 8th 2014, Microsoft finally lay Windows XP to rest.
Windows XP reaches the end of its support life in less than a month, but it continues to be popular. Just how popular is a matter of debate, but one thing that's clear is that Microsoft is still having a hard time convincing the public to upgrade to Windows 8; whether because they love Windows XP, or are scared of the hybrid Windows 8 is unknown.

Today I will explain to you how to install Windows XP Walking Dead on Android devices

1. your divece most bre 512 ram or more
2. download BOCHS.apk and
3. Move BOCHS.apk to your divece and install the apk. don't open
4. extract and move it to sdcard
5. open your BOCHS.apk it will reboot alone





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