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Tiny Copter v1.1 APK DOWNLOAD

Tiny Copter v1.1 APK DOWNLOAD

Tiny Copter v1.1 APK DOWNLOAD

Cover artTiny Copter provides you with your very own remote controlled helicopter through Augmented Reality! You may either print out our target at the link below or use your own image as a target. After selecting which one you will use fire up the app and point your camera at your target to start flying! If you wish to use your own target there is further info on getting the best results on the 'About' page within the app. You do not need to print the supplied target in color.

Please Note:
*This app only works with Android devices running 2.3.3 Gingerbread or later with an ARMv7 Processor.
* Internet and Network Access permissions are listed to download device specific optimizations for the Augmented Reality.

When using the image target provided on our website to make the helicopter appear you may move the camera without worrying about keeping the target within your camera's view. This works best when both the image target is stationary.



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