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Tile Temple Tactics v1.10.01 APK MOD

Tile Temple Tactics v1.10.01 APK MOD 

Tile Temple Tactics 
Pick up tiles to maximise your score and outwit your opponent. Each move you make dictates which row (or column) of tiles your opponent can pick from next - try to trap them, but beware of them doing the same to you! Build score-boosting combos and use mysterious magic items to turn the tide of the battle in your favour.

Play through the single player Quest Mode to uncover the secrets of the masters, then challenge your friends (online or face-to-face) to a duel of "mental martial arts"!

TILE TEMPLE TACTICS is a beautiful virtual board game that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


The first player removes a numbered tile from the board. The number shown on the tile is added to their score. Their opponent must then take a tile from the same ROW or COLUMN as the first player’s tile. Play proceeds until either player can make no more moves, at which point the player with the highest score wins. As the journey unfolds, more kinds of tiles and special rules are introduced.


• Free to Play forever! 
• Dozens of challenging levels in the single player journey. 
• Win stars to unlock new levels and special bonuses. 
• Battle other players in online multiplayer mode. 
• Play head to head with a friend using one device in board game mode. 
• Buy magic potions and items to give you more tactical options. 
• Enter Zen Mode to double your rewards. 
• Beautiful 3D visuals and a haunting original soundtrack.

Required Android O/S : 2.3+



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