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Scrap Squad v1.0.1 APK MOD

Scrap Squad v1.0.1 APK MOD

Scrap Squad

Translate to your evil plan and take the world with your robot from the recycling center, this fantastic equipment! Do you have what you need in order to be the most evil genius?
• Avoid waste, oil and ice, if you fast the bundle with recyclables sichtest to collect coins!
• Upgrade your Rebots for you in your quest to dominate the world, help you!
• Build fun and exciting gadgets that help you to avoid the fiery pit of destruction!
• Collect safes and beat them on with golden hammers to find sweet and wonderful rewards!
• Swing the powerful glove in the name of science!
• Collect rare items to complete your recyclables stockpile!
• Stitch your friends and your family, in order to stand unchallenged in the first place!
The evil cave waiting for you - download now!





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