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Millie v1.0 APK FULL

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An entertaining game irresistible. In addition , you'll wake up and use your head! This is not an ordinary game, but a brain training to develop your memory.
Since birth you had a dream : take the air, flying at high altitude away from the cares of earth. Alas ! Cruel fate has condemned you to the condition of a centipede ! You can only fly away in the beak of a crow . Although ...
Good news came : a flight school recruits candidates . This is the chance of your life. Entering it! Do not waste your time. The race is on to live the great adventure. The road is long and tortuous : you will lose the right direction more than once . However , never forget the Great goal awaits you at the end .
Put yourself standing on your feet and all forward!
Control the centipede over 90 levels. Solve all labyrinths on your way, harvesting and uses the findings and facilitations . Advantage of the 3 types of mini games very attractive. Grow , but be careful not to embarrass in your legs ! ( and not to catch your tail) .

- Nearly a hundred challenging levels
- 3 complete environments
- Multitude of power up
- Various Levels
- 3 additional types of mini games
- Attractive Entertainment
Keywords: labyrinth , maze , air, races , snake , worm , hard, hardest , insanely , insane , flat , tough , flying , eat, candy , ball



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