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Hundred Fires - not Metal Gear v1.2 Apk + Data


Hundred Fires is a game developed infiltration in Cuba during the Cold War
Valero Montenegro play the role of a soldier of the brigade in 2506 involved a conspiracy of nuclear war in Cuba.
A game of infiltration and espionage with touches of action
Do not let the enemy discover will give you or Alarm
hide and seek , crawl on the floor , kill silently.
Use different weapons in first and third person
Get Items and keys that will help you advance in the game .

This Play Was Created by
David Amado Fernandez
This game has nothing to do with the "Metal Gear Solid" series
This game was developed from the original work fan game created by myself " Metal Gear : Outer Heaven"
"Metal Gear : Outer Heaven " It was a free apk developed by myself as Fan game, but was removed from
Google Market for infringement of Copyright .
" Hundred Fires " is an original title created by David Amado Fernandez
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