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Download Thor The Dark World LWP Pro v1.09 APK

Download Thor The Dark World LWP Pro v1.09 APK

Thor The Dark World LWP Pro v1.09 APK

Enters the skin of your favorite Super Hero with this Live Wallpaper Official Thor: The World of Darkness ...
Marvel Comics and Thor fans can recreate the excitement of the second installment of Thor with this incredible Live Wallpaper for your Android home screen !
Download the free version of Live Wallpaper Thor: The World of Darkness , based on the Marvel Studios movie , with a closeup on the hammer of Thor in Eran background.
Note that the hammer acts as battery meter for your Android device!
Viewing it to charge electricity and lightning show on ech when the battery of your device is full , and then fade gradually as the battery runs out .
When your device is approaching the limit of battery , hammer / battery meter flashes red and Thor notify you verbally to remind you to recharge your battery.
If this is not enough action for you, there are several premium features to unlock.
First, you can unlock the premium version of the Live Wallpaper with a fully animated and interactive 3D model of Thor wearing his last costume, as seen in the movie!
Once unlocked and displayed on your screen , press and watch Thor hit him with his hammer !
Thor can also notify you of the arrival of your e -mails and SMS as well as your missed hitting his hammer on your screen to the point of breaking (apparently) calls.
Unlock Pack Premium Clock , which displays the date, time and local as well as the voice of Thor weather !
Listening Thor announce the time and other surprises to discover here and there when the clock Thor is enabled on your home screen you.
Stickers Pack unlocks the premium and positions of the 3 different looks Thor anywhere on your home screen!
Still not enough action for you Thor ?
There is also a Premium Keyboard Pack to unlock to get personalized skin Thor!
Even the evil brother of Thor, Loki, will not be able to resist the force of this application, which will make your phone your Android tablet or the most powerful device that is .
The whole world will see (and download) Thor: The World of Darkness ...
Do not miss it , download it today!



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