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Update Android 4.4.2 CM11 On GT-P1000/N/L [Kernel 3.0.x][2014-05-25]

Save your internal sd card on PC!
Remove your external sd card!
If you has TWRP: flash a CwM kernel
Reboot to CwM
Make a nandroid backup!
If you on cm 10.2:
Wipe data/factory reset (optional, but highly recomended!)
if (no data wipe) { wipe cache; wipe dalvik;}
format boot
format system
flash cm 11.0
flash Gapps
if your Rom is set reboot to CwM
backup and restore -> advanced restore -> restore data
if not on cm 10.2
flash first cm 10.2
the installation could work also from other roms/versions (cm 10.1, miui 4.2.2), but no warranty!

how to install tutorial video click here

build 20140319

- kernel derivated from CyanogenMod kernel with enhancements (for hd videos): some humberos/omni commits and some google commits
- CwM recovery
- Trebuchet based on Launcher3 and instead of Launcher3 (i recommend to delete old Trebuchet settings)
- sgt7 frameworks/base:
- sgt7 Settings:
- fast charge, 1.4 GHz OC,
- video recording does work now, thanks to humberos
- newer cm commits
- newer sgt7 commits
- added smartass2 governeur thank to stratosk
- you can change your usb connection in system setting/storage/menu button (mtp, mass storage)
- some cherrypicks from omni kernel
- usb connection notification isn't buggy (we have a notification for mass storage, but no notifications for mtp in frameworks/base),
you can activate mass storage or mtp mode in system setting/storage/menu button.

- Enable navigation keys in System settings/Buttons/enable on-screen nav bar

build 20140325

- kernel derivated from CyanogenMod kernel with enhancements (for hd videos): some humberos/omni commits and some google commits + some commits from kasper_h kernel (thanks to kasper_h)

build 20140405

-added lulzactive and wheatly governor - thanks to kasper_h
-added key led brightness option -->more/advanced.. thanks to humberos
-added touchscreen oc option -->more/advanced.. thanks to humberos
-network traffic arrows
-lockscreen pin digits are fixed - thanks to humberos

build 20140414

- new theming engine
- frandom from omni kernel: thanks to kasper_h, humberos

- last p1-common changes from omni: thanks to humberos

build 20140427

- low ram mode is disabled now
- swap should work now --> thanks to humberos

build 20140502

- low ram mode is enabled again
- swap should work now --> thanks to humberos
- frameworks/base fixes for russian language --> thanks to cm
- added some minor changes from omni --> thanks to humberos/omni

build 20140512

- new theme engine/app
- merged call volume fixes from humberos kernel - we need reports about..

build 20140516

- you can remove/unmount external SD from System Settings
- Google Cam Recording does work now - thanks to pawitp

build 20140519

- last omni kernel commits merged (sensors do work better) - thanks to humberos

build 20140525

- Advanced CwM-recovery from Phil3759
- newer cm commits: thanks to cm team
- video fix from omni (720p) - thanks to humberos


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16 commentaires:

  1. Muchísimas gracias, gracias a ti, por fin pude instalar KitKat en mi Galaxy Tab P1000N, por favor, sigue subiendo CyanogenMod`s con el kernel de ClockWorkMod, con TWRP no me funciona, te debo una amigo.

    Muchas gracias

  2. hi, please help me.

    I installed this version but I dont know how I can install play market!!!!! (i dont know how)

  3. Why i can't download ROM 2014-05-02 from my gtp-1000
    Webpage is not available, same with the other games
    Please help me

    1. just wait 5 second and click to skip ad

  4. I can't find screenshot option on last update. Where is it now?

    1. press buton power + volum down
      you can install this APK

    2. It works combination of button power+volume down. Thanks

  5. I installed and have ICS (Cyanomod 9.0) running on my TAB (SCH-I800) when I try to upgrade to CM 11 using the build listed here. I get the following error:
    assert failed: run_program("/tmp/", "cdma") == 0
    E:Error in /sdcard/ 7)
    Installation aborted.
    It reboots back into CM 9.
    What am I missing? or where can I get more info upgrading my TAB?

  6. Are your device its sch-i800 (CDMA ) ?
    If your device its sch-i800 (CDMA ) try this

    Installation :
    Wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    wipe dalvik cache
    flash rom
    flash gapps
    Good fun (c)

  7. i have a little bit problem when calling, after make one call the device start to reboot by itself. do this problem occur frequently or are there any solution for this problem??

    1. Installation :
      Wipe data/factory reset
      wipe cache partition
      wipe dalvik cache
      mounts and storage
      format data
      format cache
      format system
      flash rom
      flash gapps


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