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Gameloft and Marvel are joining forces to develop and launch the most spectacular Spider-Man game for smartphones and tablets. The game is an open-world adventure full of action showing characters from the highly anticipated The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 from Sony Pictures, which hits theaters this April.
"After the huge success of the first mobile game The Amazing Spider-Man, we're thrilled to be working with Marvel again to bring the favorite hero of the fans back on smartphones with The Spectacular Spider-Man 2," said Karine Kaiser, vice President of Marketing & Licensing of Gameloft. "Players will enjoy the profound and the iconic action adventure open world that makes Spider-Man so extraordinary."
Players can swing on webs through a nonlinear Manhattan which increases the size and details of the city's first game, making it the best playground to show impressive skills News for web, climbing walls and fight Spider-Man. He embarks on an adventure of unpredictable and nonstop action as he runs to save New York from the chaos of a disastrous crime wave. Combined with an original story inspired by the movie, the stage is set for the ultimate battle against Spider movie villains, Electro and Green Goblin, and other iconic enemies inspired by over 50 years of comics.

The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 will be released on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone and other feature phones in April 2014.

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