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Simon the Sorcerer v1.0.4.0 [Premium Edition]

Simon the Sorcerer v1.0.4.0 [Premium Edition]

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WITHOUT DOUBT among the TOP 10 adventure games of ALL TIME - ACG ( Adventure Classic Gaming)
There are things that children should not have to suffer . Being transported into a strange dimension infested Goblin , dwarves, swampy , wizards and sleeping giants is one of them .
After escaping to a " welcome party " Simon , our budding magician discovers that he has been transported to another dimension to save the wizard Calypso from the evil sorcerer Sordid .
In the past 20 years , the series of games Simon the sorcerer made ​​addict millions of players worldwide .
Now you can again rediscover this legendary adventure game in a new way , exclusively on Android!
Simon The Sorcerer : 20th Anniversary Edition ' presents:
- New control modes ideal for touchscreens.
* Fields displayable interactions , finished hunting pixels
* New icons and animations
* For more details , please see our video tutorial:
- New menu system and game save / load game
- Music and effects re-mastered stereo
- New stunning graphics that ensure a beautifully rendered in high resolution HD
- Ability to play with the original graphics , music, and even the original controls ( mouse pointer )
- Multi language (all inclusive , no additional payment )
All voices in English, with the possibility of adding subtitles in English, French , Spanish, Italian or
All voices in German or in title only .
- EXCELLENT BUY ! The best economical way to get to this mythical timeless adventure game.
The 20th Anniversary Edition , produced and developed by © 2013 All Rights Reserved MojoTouch
License Soft Adventure - Original Developer of Simon the Sorcerer .
Uses ScummVM which is protected under GNU -GPL v2. For more information , visit:
PROBLEMS SAVING OR PLAYING ? Please make sour that ' Developer options ' (inside your device 's Settings ) are disabled . SPECIFICALLY the option 'Do not keep activities .
GAME STOCK IN A CERTAIN SCENE ? This is a rare bug with ' Subtitles Only' Fashion All which we are working on a fix for . In the Meantime , please try to play with ' Voice Only ' or ' Voice and Subtitles ' modes.



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