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Maya the bee: The Ant’s Quest v1.0

Maya the bee: The Ant’s Quest v1.0


Cover artDescription
There's panic in the Anthill!
The Queen has been infected by a strange virus. Time is short, we must act if the entire anthill will wither quickly. Find quickly needed to make the antidote fruit to cure the queen.
In Maya the Bee: Ants' Quest, you control different types of ants: the soldiers, workers or the conveyor, each with its own function. Recruit new ants to face different enemies and solve the many challenges that stand in your way.
- Discover or rediscover the famous world of Maya the Bee.
- Check Maya and recruit your team through the meadow ant to avoid obstacles, to overcome enemies and solve puzzles.
- Progress through the game depending on the number of troops that you will succeed in mobilizing
- Play original mini-games with friends Maya.



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