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Hyperwave v1.1.0 apk

Hyperwave v1.1.0

Hyperwave v1.1.0

Hyperwave v1.1.0

Hyperwave v1.1.0 

Hyperwave v1.1.0Hyperwave 1.1.0

Hyperwave combines the great mechanics of the very classic arcade great games of the old 80’s with the those of very modern sci-fi shooters, offering the both familiar & very innovative gameplay such as all the factors that leave good a regular shoot 'em up, but reproposed inside a diverse framework in which a powerful arranged portion is usually combined with fast-paced action that we assume from this type of game.

★ Features ★
* Universal Application: runs in Full HD on very Hi-Res Android devices.
* Very Great gameplay, attack & defend at the same time!
* Very Stunning 2.5D neon-style graphics, effects & the animated backgrounds.
* Arcade mode with the 50 very different waves.
* 12 vulcan upgrades & 5 very different special weapons.

What's New
- Now the supports any Android Controllers or Gamepads (HID) !!



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