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How to program a game flappy bird on your own

Have you heard about the game flappy bird?
Sure, I heard it, but if you do not live in this world :). This strange and bizarre game that has gained great fame and went to the very top of the most downloaded games in the Apple store, as well as in the Google store. In a few days this game has become primitive of the most successful Games in smart phones, and thus became the talk all the sites, and even after he decided Mtorha withdrawn from electronic stores, in a step-by-step some considered him stupid, especially after the big financial returns generated by its owner! And others regarded it as just a clever marketing idea and this is what I guess as well.

This is what the site, has been exploited over the turnout of people on this game in order to encourage them to learn programming, especially in children, or rather trying to create a simulation of the game in ways that are very simple and will not cost you to set up your favorite game Almistohat flappy bird of either 15 minutes, If what I've learned methods of design and programming.

There are not any difficulties just some of the focus in the explanation and instructions and tips through a video that will accompany you in all the steps and stages of the game.




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