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how to fix Usb device not recognized with PC gt-p1000

how to fix Usb device not recognized with PC gt-p1000
how to fix Usb device not recognized with PC gt-p1000

You may have an issue with your Infuse drivers on your PC.. to fix this:

1 - uninstall all existing Samsung Infuse drivers using control panel/programs and features - this would include "kies", "kies mini" and/or "SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones"

2 - remove any remaining devices from control panel/device manager

A-. "Ctrl + Esc" gonne open Start menu and type "regedit"

B-. Find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentContro­lSet\Services\UsbStor" click it

C-Into the UsbStor find ErrorControl and click it twice- Chnage the value to "1" and chose "Hexadecimal" click ok  and close.

how to fix Usb device not recognized with PC

 Then from device manager "view" menu select "show hidden devices"

D- Look for devices under "Universal Serial Bus devices" and "Universal Serial Bus controllers" that are named "SAMSUNG USB Composite Device" or "SAMSUNG Android USB Composite Device" and remove

3 - you might need to reboot after removing drivers and associated devices (recommended)

4 - reinstall Samsung Infuse drivers... (do not use the link in the ODIN thread)

5 -Install kies mini

(you may have better results using the "driver only" option at the second link - the smaller of the two files. Kies can sometimes cause problems of its own).

6 - once installed and rebooted, connect your phone (booted into phone OS with USB Mass Storage mode enabled and then USB Debugging enabled) and validate connectivity using ADB or by mounting to PC as a USB storage device. Test by copying a decent sized file to/from the phone.

7 - if this works, boot into download mode and retry Odin or Heimdall packages. If you don't have Java Runtime Environment installed make sure you install that first. For Heimdall (and maybe Odin) make sure to right click the file name and run as administrator.


kies mini


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  1. Hi I was trying to connect usb storage using y cable in my GT-P1000 running in CM9....when the one end of y cable connected to usb charger..the tab screen gone off and the tab became too hot.I immediately disconnected the cables.After that when I tried to connect the charger or laptop using the usb cable the tab started to reboot no sign of charging....after overnight when the battery got drained it began to charge.But the lap top shows unknown device when the tab is connected.I have tried to reflash and restore the tab but its not solving.Last I tried to restore the stock rom from the back up the tab stuck at the samsung logo after reboot....please help to retrieve my tab....thanks

    1. you must flash official gingerbread 2.3.6 then root then you can upgrade to CM 9 or ANDROID 4.4

    2. But still the tab is not recognizing by laptop...then how can I flash it?Is it possible to flash 2.3.6 without connecting to ODIN?

  2. I have installed infuse drivers and keis mini...still the driver is not installing.Is there anyway to install bootloader in my tab.....the bootloader is corrupted


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