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Sword Goddess 少女剣王 (17+) v1.0.3 All Devices

Overview: 3D action game that realizes the real battle scene.
In Porikania continent , never extinct war between the " God of Chaos " and " God of Creation " for a long time.
One day when flows , in the centenary of the strongest country in the continent of Porikania " Remilia principality " ,
Guard escort and Pope , the king went to the castle of truth for the ritual has become the disappearances .
Situation is imminent , Rosalinda princess led the elite Knights as king agency ,
It was starting to look for a king , the father , but the Knights and princess to have become the news for some reason unknown .
So , Miranda called the strongest to the castle of truth alone for the rescue of the princess who in the Knights ...

Game features :
1 . I adopt next-generation game engine " Unreal engine" , to achieve the 3D effect of the great force .
2 . It is a graceful visual effects such as landscape picture scroll though .
3 . I reproduce a realistic battle scene splattering blood splash .
4 . Beautiful music , I will stimulate your hearing .
5 . By a variety of systems , I am full of brilliant of the game .
6 . I have introduced a system of traditional RPG " Infinity Blade " and ( Infinity Blade ) " BLOOD & GLORY " such as ( Blood & Glory ) .
7 . You can use the system of prisoner surrender , to select the character of many .
8 . There is a hidden element of many , I am waiting for your challenge .
9 . I can enjoy an abundant item .



Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Adreno.apk

OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Adreno.part1.rar
OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Adreno.part2.rar
OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Adreno.part3.rar

Mali / PowerVR

Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Mali PowerVR.apk

OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Mali PowerVR.part1.rar
OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Mali PowerVR.part2.rar
OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Mali PowerVR.part3.rar
OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Mali PowerVR.part4.rar
OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Mali PowerVR.part5.rar


Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Tegra.apk

OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Tegra.part1.rar
OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Tegra.part2.rar
OBB Sword Goddess v1.0.3 Tegra.part3.rar


1 - Extract and copy the data to Android / obb.
2 - Install the APK and good fun.

Note: Japanese language (Korean).


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