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Night Surfers Apk V1.1 Full Unlimited Gold




Cover artIn the darkest hour of night, a cute boy lost his way and want to go back his home but Goshh !!There are unimaginable enemies in this forest. So help him to run fast, dodging obstacles and escape the evil demon to conquer the Black night. Witches, demons, dangerous animals , all are there to kill him.
Night Surfer is a fastpaced, endless runner game set in a spectacular black & white wondrous dream world. Our super hero tries to act as a treasure hunter and fearless rider and runs, swipe, dash and smashes insect, monster zombie, roll under the barricade and jump over around tons of different and WACKY obstacles. In this crazy new endless running game, Alex also performs rope stunts, moves over the bridge in his brave attempt.

Be a retro runner, run for your life through out the night avoiding obstacles making the longest running streak ever!
Game Features :

1. Simple controls and an exciting game play mechanic.
3. Special Power: You could activate any power up on single tap. 
4. More Mission. 
5. Cool Characters. 
6. Game includes awesome 2D retro graphics with incredible sound effects and stunning visuals. 




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