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Cloud Raiders Apk V1.02 Full




Cloud Raiders catapult the strategy to new dizzying heights ! In a sky full of floating islands , you must master them all . The best part is that you have a floating fortress of 5 million tons to do it ! Build your army of invaders and turn your island into a strong impregnable destruction ! Form clans with your friends and enemies explode from heaven ! Fortify your base with thundering cannons , smart traps and enchanted artifacts and lead your troops to repel intruders and withstand hordes of enemy aircraft . Hateful Pirates are just the first threat on the horizon ; dispel the vile fleet of them to the four winds . Train an army of marauders with axes , bombers with grenades , fire-breathing dragons and more fearsome warriors to take the fight to your enemies !highlights :Millions of strategies , but only one goal: to loot the other guy !Form clans and battle for global domination ! Make your way to glory in PvP !Play an epic campaign Floating Forts , Balsas Pirates and other exciting aerial battles !Put your army against legendary pirate chiefs and gentlemen! According to rumors , giant golems wander the clouds , but it just makes -believe ... Right?Conjure powerful units every week to fight for you !Protect the base with powerful cannons , traps and other intelligent buildings ! Take your troops to confront attackers bunkers front !Unleash the full potential of their warriors , heroes and spells enhancing them in the lab !Distill your own effects to stay ahead in the battle ! Just do not let your bombers get close ... It is an advertised accident!Shoot your guns devastating freighter Battle ! Use enhancements ammunition to eliminate opponents !

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