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Sochi 2014: Ski Slopestyle Apk V1.01 Full

Fight the world for Gold in Official Mobile Game of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in 2014Find your trail , Perform Jumps and Slide on Rails3 rail sections 3 and heels are just what separate you from Olympic glory .Focus , find your path , set your speed , perform their maneuvers and build the perfect race in the official route Ski Slope Style of the 2014 Winter Olympics . Sochi 2014 : The Ski Slopestyle Challenge puts you in skis newest sport of the 2014 Winter Olympics . Perform spins 720 degrees , double corks with left return, grinds 270 degrees and more , just like the athletes of the 2014 Olympics to compete for gold against friends , family and the world .Post your best times and scores for the world to see !highlightsGlobal and National Competition - National and World Tables display your scores as you fight for gold or compete against friends !Be the Best - Run the most radical maneuvers including : Spins 720 degrees , triple corks rights tailpress boxes and more .Choose Your Country - Join one of the 62 nations competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics and represent your country in global competitions .Play & Share - Compare your best times with friends and be notified when they exceed your score .Earn Achievements - Unlock fantastic maneuvers for huge scores that will help you figure in global competition or overcoming their friends . 
1 - Install apk and good fun ! .



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