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BACKSTAB v1.2.6 APK + DATA files


"My name is Henry Blake, once an officer in the Royal Navy of England. Today, I am a broken man . I was betrayed , imprisoned and my fiancée has been kidnapped ... I finally found my freedom and the hour of vengeance will soon ring. "
Play as Henry Blake, a broken man, and help him in his quest for justice and revenge. Climb , jump, sneak you in various environments to reach your target and eliminate the enemy . Use your skills in combat and combo system to defeat your rival and all those who will cross your path. Freely explore a huge island, walk through its beautiful landscapes in 3D and immerse yourself in a fascinating and realistic world with impressive non-player characters , each with his own voice.
An original and unprecedented blockbuster smartphone• Discover a blockbuster with stunning graphics , the unique history and infinite content.• Experience an action-packed adventure in open environments , with elaborate fight sequences , phases of platform and more.
Discover a narrative full of action , betrayal and revenge.• Become a rogue killer who has nothing to lose and whose sole purpose is to take revenge.• Use agility , strength and cunning to take over your opponents, remove quickly and escape .• Master the combo system to slay anyone standing between you and your target .
For the 1st time on Android , explore a beautiful Caribbean island 18th century.• Immerse yourself in a realistic world with non- playable characters with unique voices .• Stroll through a vast island exotic scenery in 3D : jungle , beach, volcano , etc. .• Explore 4 unique cities to find new quests and new secrets.

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